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3-Cavity Semi-automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine / L-BS510-3(3-cavity)

Product parameters

Product introduction
L-BS510-3(3-cavity) Semi-automatic blow moulding machine is suitable for producing bottles from 100ml-1.5L in 3 cavities. It is suitable for  PET/PP material  and is widely be applied to produce mineral water, carbonated drink, beverage,medicine, cosmetic,detergent ,oil bottles etc.

A complete production line of L-BS510-3(3-cavity) includes:
-Infrared heater
-air filter(2pcs)
-High pressure air compressor(1.0cbm/3.0Mpa)
-Bottle mould(below/ 1L)

Technical Parameter

Output 1200pcs/hr
Bottle size 100ml-1.5L
Max length of bottle 340mm
Max diameter of bottle 100mm
Max mould plate size 420*380mm
Max mould thickness 110*220mm
Clamping force 180KN
Mould openning stroke(adjustable): 200mm

Features of L-BS510-3(3-cavity)
1). The machine adopts revolving infrared pre-heat system, it ensures pet performs
be heated evenly.
2). The machine uses mechanical-double-arm mould clamping system which ensures the mould
be closed tightly even under high pressure and high temperature.
3).The air system has been divided into two parts: Pneumatic action part and bottle
blow part to meet the different pressure requirements for the action and blow, it
can provide sufficient and steady high pressure for blowing large irregular shaped

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