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PMMA Globe Blowing Machine / L-BS511-G

Product parameters

L-BS511-G globe Blow Moulding Machineis specially designed for blowing PMMA/PC globes for lighting from D100mm to D600mm.

Technical data

CONTAINER Product material   PET/PMMA
container diameter mm   100-600
theoretical output pcs/hr 80-90pcs
Preform length mm 15-460
preform inner diameter mm 15-200
MOULDING max.mould plate dimension(L*W) mm 280 * 550
max thickness of mould mm 450
clamping force KN 330
mould opening stroke mm 330
air compressor air compressor M3 /Mpa   ≥0.60/3.0                  
air pressure for blowing KW 7.5
low pressure compressor M3 /Mpa kw   ≥0.8/1.25                                        7.5               
main machine electricity power KW 15
voltage/frequency V/HZ 380/240/110/50-60                            (3-phase)
machine size and weight main machine(L*W*H) M 2.3*0.99*2.3
main machine weight T 1.1
heater(L*W*H) M 2.70*0.65*1.66

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