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Extrusion Machine / L-BS514-2

Product parameters

2.1 Electronic system adopts Germany Siemens PLC, involved in English/Chinese version, is equipped with colorful touch screen. All technical settings, data rectification, monitoring, trouble-shooting can be done on touch screen. Electronic system runs under the principle of swicth-contactless,which ensure the durability of electronic parts.


2.2 Hydraulic system: the machine is controlled by proportional hydraulic system, the main parts of this system adopt Japan Yuken. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with over-pressure overflow and shunt pressure-controlling system to ensure the stability of the machine.


2.3 Contactors adopt Schneider(Franch), electromagnetic valves are from Airtac(Taiwan) and  approaching switch from Omron(Japan).


2.4 Plasticizing system adopt high-efficiency plasiticizing mixing airlet screw, the screw works under the way of material-blending and transferring(gear box plus conveyor transferring), the speed adjustment is subject to practical operation. Injection quantity is controlled by resistance rule to ensure the high precision.


2.5 Mould clamping system works in the way of dual slope mould moving, eg. 3 tie bars double-way central mould clamping. Mould clamping is positioned in the full range. It is with advantage of high precision and not being deformed.


2.6 Mould adopt PC typical head, in dual heads vertical structure, the steel is treated with cabonization.


2.7 The blowing system: use double filtering,pressure adjustable system,which is to make sure the air cleanness and pressure stability.


Max size:5L

Material applicable:PP,PE

Number of mould:2

Central distance:120mm

No. of station:2

Screw diameter:65mm

Screw L/C ratio:24

Screw rotating speed:20-60rpm

Plasticising capacity:42kg/hour

Extruder power:15KW

Oil pump motor power:5.5KW

Heating zone:8

Heating power:14KW

Size of plate:385*340 mm(L*W)

Mould thickness:450mm

Clamping force:50KN


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