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Water Chiller / 3-5-8-10-12HP

Product parameters


1, 12HP water chiller:

1.1, packing size:1230*850*1450mm;


1.2, power of compressor:8.82KW;

1.3, weight:355KG;

1.4, refrigerating capacity:32.4KW;

1.5, power of pump:1HP;

1.6, cold water flow:4.1M3/H;

1.7, voltage:   380V-415V/3P /50HZ;

1.8, refrigerant: R22

1, 10HP water chiller:

1.1,packing size: 1600*750*1300mm;

     size: 1230*700*1260mm;

1.2,power of compressor: 7.38KW;

1.3,weight: 325KG;

1.4,refrigerating capacity: 24.3KW;

1.5,power of pump:1HP;

1.6,cold water flow: 4.2M3/H;

1.7,voltage: 380V-415V/3P /50HZ;

1.8,refrigerant: R22

1, 8HP water chiller:

1.1, packing size: 1700*870*1500mm


1.2, power of compressor:6KW;

1.3, weight:498KG;

1.4, refrigerating capacity:23.8KW;

1.5, power of pump:2HP;

1.6, cold water flow:100L/MIN;

1.7,voltage:   380V-415V/3P /50HZ;

1.8,refrigerant: R22

1, 5HP water chiller:

1.1,packing size:1000*650*1100mm;


1.2,power of compressor:3.15KW;


1.4, refrigerating capacity:12.4KW;

1.5,power of pump:0.5HP;

1.6,cold water flow:2.6M3/H;

1.7,voltage:   380V-415V/3P /50HZ;

1.8,refrigerant: R22

1, 3HP water chiller:

1.1, packing size:1050*680*1250mm;


1.2, power of compressor:2.5KW;

1.3, ,weight:150KG;

1.4,capacity of fan:0.35KW;

1.5, ,power of pump:0.5HP;

1.6, cold water flow:1.44M3/H;

1.7,voltage:   380V-415V/3P /50HZ;

1.8,refrigerant: R22

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