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24 Cavities Lid Mould
(24 Cavities) 24 Cavities Lid Mould
Model: 24 Cavities
Category: Mould

We can make cap moulds based on customers' requirement as long as there is technical drawing or sample. Also we can put information on the cap if there is a requirement.

Packing: Wooden carton

1. Product: Plastic cap injection mold

2. Number of cavity: 1-72cavities According customers' requirements

3. Stripping method: (1) Unscrew de-molding (2) Screw de-molding

Design the stripping method according to customers samples

4. Runner system: (1) cold runner (2) hot runner

5. Gate: (1) Point gate (2) Submarine Gate

6. Mold material: 45#, P20, S136, 2316, H13.

According to customers' circumstances and needs

7. Heat treatment hardness: HRC55-60

8. Fittings: Hot runner mold with a temperature control box

9. Main process machinery: CNC lathes, electrical impulses, drilling, grinding

10. Number of process machine: 8

11. Process type: Injection Molding

12. Number of mold parting surface: Multiple

13. Number of cavity: Multi-cavity

14. Die mounting method: Semi-permanent mold

15. Application: Beverage, medical, food, daily necessities, tableware

16. Operating life: At least 3 million shot time.

17. Customer service: One year free warranty, life-long technical support service

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