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25g PET Preform 38mm
() 25g PET Preform 38mm
Category: PET Preform

1,High quality with cheap price.
2,High toughness and high smoothness.
3,Various colors for your choice.
4,100% new material.

1, High quality with favorable price.
2, High toughness and high smoothness.
3, Various colors for your choice.
4, 100% new material.
5, Fast lead times and sincere service.
6, Many kinds of specifications:
17mm: 4.5g, 6.5g
18mm: 4.5g
20mm: 10g, 11g, 13g
24mm: 10.5g, 12g, 16g, 19g, 25g
28mm: 33g, 39g
32mm: 26g, 40g, 47g, 60g, 75g
68mm: 16g, 25g
83mm: 40g, 46g
89mm: 40g, 65g
-38mm PET bottle preform, 25g
-100% virgin material
-High transparency
-High toughness
-High smoothness
-Sanitary for water/soft drink/medicine/cosmetic use


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